I am far too soppy, as this comic makes me all sad and happy and wish that I was in a position to adopt a cat. 

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Consumers like to say that their baby photos are priceless. Horsepuckey. Nobody rushes into burning houses for their baby photos.

A brief review of the iRig Pro

I recently bought an iRig Pro, by iK Multimedia. I had cause to write up some remarks on a Facebook group, and thought I’d copy them here.

It’s… OK. It certainly sounds good when I plug in a guitar to it, and I like that I can use both a guitar and a MIDI controller simultaneously. From that perspective I have no issues with it. I also like that it doesn’t seem to drain my battery as much as I expected. It works really well with the guitar amps in GarageBand.

But the build quality is rather shoddy. The plastic enclosure feels cheap; the USB/30-pin/lightning cable connects to the body using a multi-pin connector that feels rather fragile. The MIDI cable plugs in via a tiny jack that I just know is going to get bent at some point. It’s described as a ‘Pro’ device and is the best part of £100, so to have it feel cheap and plasticy is something of a let-down.

The other disappointment is the supposedly bundled apps. They have more in-app purchases than Candy Crush Saga. Again, if you’re buying their premium device, maybe you should get their software included for free.

If I were to make my purchase again, I’d give some thought to the Griffin Studioconnect instead - though depending on your use case, it might not be suitable. (It doesn’t have XLR inputs, for example, and takes up more room).

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During February I took part in FAWM – February Album Writing Month – and managed to write an entire album. It’s a mix of acoustic indie-folk-style stuff, big-beat electronica, and some chiptuney synthy stuff. 

I’ve attached one track to this post. You can grab the entire album as a zip or listen track by track on the FAWM site – though that link will die after a year.

Having worked on a whole bunch of music recently, I really enjoyed this documentary about the Beatles’ songwriting. (Plus bits of it are filmed close to my house.)